The Pursuit of Excellence

From the perfect cut, to the luxurious fabrics, there is nothing quite like owning a beautifully tailored suit. A suit that matches your personality, is unique and created with passion and focused on the finest of attention to detail.

With over 20 years experience in the fashion, clothing and tailoring business, our expert tailoring consultant is committed to providing the ultimate experience beginning at the consultation stage right through to the moment you feel your expertly crafted and tailored suit on your back.

We offer the very best cloths from manufacturers around the world, using the finest wools, mohair’s, linens, tweeds, silks and cashmere.

Our expert tailors attention to detail and deep knowledge of the intricacies that are required to produce the perfect suit every time.

Our unique arrangement with our tailors truly sets us above the rest of our competitors when it comes to lead times and with production and delivery generally 4 weeks from date of order.

We aim to provide a modern, less stuffy experience than a traditional tailors may offer, breaking down the barriers and approachability and pre-conceptions that many people have about the tailoring industry.

We specify between 4-6 weeks when ordering to allow for any minor indiscretions but expect for you to receive your suit in exceptionally quick time. At this stage we have a 1st fitting and should your suit require any minor alterations we take it to our local 1st class tailor to be altered within 3 working days.

Our Process

  • 1. Consultation
  • 2. STYLE
  • 3. FITTING
After an in depth consultation by our creative director, which can be done in our private tailoring suite within Dartagnan Menswear in Chichester or at an alternative location to suit you i.e. home or hotel (we cover London, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire but further afield could be possible with notice), we will guide you through the process of choosing your cloth, styling, fine details and finally cut, ensuring your suit is unique to you.
Our professional styling service will take into account the occasion, your personal style and requirements to design a unique, perfectly tailored garment that you are comfortable in and create the look you are trying to achieve.

With an extensive range of over 4000 materials and cloth options and styles to choose from we are sure to match the exacting demands of our clients. Our collection of cloths is from the finest cloth manufacturers in the world and built around the likes of Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Reda and Bateman & Ogden amongst others. 

Once the garment has arrived back to our showroom, we will book in for the 1st fitting of your now beautifully created product. It is at this stage the finest attention to detail is poured over, by our creative director, ensuring you are 100% happy with your one off creation . Should your garment require any minor alterations, we take it to our local 1st class tailor to be altered within 3 working days.

At this stage you are now ready to take your new favourite item of clothing home. Should any further alterations be necessary at a later date, we will be more than happy to assist. Our after sales care is second to none & we are always on hand for further guidance or advice

We'd love to hear your story

If you wish to book an appointment fill in as much information as possible. Helps us create a clear vision of the intricacies that need to be considered when producing our next, most important garment.


A Black Gold made to measure suit or jacket isn't about merely serving a purpose or a means to an end. Every piece we produce is unique and over 100 measurements are considered accounting for your shoulder angles, arm position, posture and build plus so many more besides, to create a garment for your bodies silhouette. Our tailors use laser cut technology to cut your pattern straight onto your chosen cloth. You can add your initials, contrast button holes, choose from over 50 buttons and customise almost every detail which is all part of our exceptionally personal service.

Additional costs apply for:

* Full canvas option - £195
* International shipping or delivery - price on request
* UK delivery £34.95
* Express delivery - £130
* Express production (7 days) - £195
From £850 2 Piece Suit
From £995 3 Piece Suit
From £895 Dinner Suit
From £595 Jacket
From £220 Waistcoat
From £250 Casual Trouser
From £950 Overcoat
From £195 Shirt
The price of your garment depends entirely on your cloth choice. We use only the finest British or Italian cloth and only use pure wool, cashmere, cottons, linens or silk.

Black Gold Suits

  • Business suits
  • Wedding Suits
  • Dinner Suits
A perfect business suit is essential when creating a strong first impression. The choice of cloth dictates the overall look of the business suit but it also depends on the individuals style as to whether you choose a solid colour, checks, herringbones or pin stripe pattern.

However we must always take into account the environment the suit is to be worn. A slim tailored suit with cropped leg length is not going to reflect well in the business world. Similarly a wide pin striped 'power suit' will look out of place and out of touch in the design or media industry.

At Black Gold we take the time to discuss our clients needs and the role the professional or business suit is going to play in their working life.

Our sole focus during this phase is to make sure the compliments this role entirely.

Your big day is a big deal to us. Whether it's a formal traditional wedding or a more relaxed informal look you are after, we dedicate ourselves into creating your dream suit for your big day.

When creating the perfect wedding suit not only do we take into account the theme or location of the occasion but equally as important is our clients style and personality and of course body shape.

We aim to create a suit that befits each individual but we also place a big emphasis on the photography. Wedding photography is such an important part of the day, and the look and styling of a grooms suit must sit well in the photographs. A suit cloth or fit that looks 'current' and fashionable now, may look dated very quickly.

Our mission is to consider every single element of your wedding day creating a look and feel that will last in the memory forever.
Our event suits service offers a wide range of options, styles and fabrics that combine to create a fine piece of craftsmanship that befits all manner of event or function.

The horseracing season with events such as Royal Ascot or Glorious Goodwood or the Epsom Derby weekend offers our clients the opportunity to really express their personalities. From formal top hat and tails to a full 3 piece suit, we encourage our clients to explore the huge variety of made to measure options and to really express themselves and their personality through their suit.

From tweeds to checks to vibrant colours the options to stand out from the crowd are vast and exciting.
Whether its a casual meal with friends, shooting in the countryside or travelling, our enormous collection of stunning cloth options from world famous cloth manufacturers that include Holland & Sherry, Dormeiul, Reda and Bateman & Ogden, is sure to satisfy the most demands of any occasion.
When it comes to a black tie or dinner suit event, only a beautifully tailored black gold made to measure suit will do.

The Dinner suit is traditionally made in black, navy or white. Our relationship with Loro Piana , REDA, Dormeuil, Bateman Ogden let’s you choose from some of the most luxurious fabrics In the world along with a vast variety of linings to create a truly stunning and elegant tuxedo that you will feel simply incredible in whilst wearing.

Our Creative Director will guide you through all of the style options which include lapel style such as a peak or shawl lapel, pocket configuration, silk covered buttons and piping on the trousers, ultimately producing a magnificent suit that you will love and cherish and always enjoy wearing.

A well tailored dinner suit is one of the best investments a gentleman can make to his wardrobe.

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